El Salvador 2018!

Applications are now closed. Please check back for future opportunities to travel with ITN!

Trip Details:


  • Total Cost: $2,100.00 (includes deposit)

This costs includes team preparation materials + activities ($200), roundtrip airfare from Dulles Int'l Airport IAD ($700), in-country meals ($300), transportation ($250), housing ($200), translators + local trip coordinators ($150) and community projects ($300)! 

  • Travel Dates: July 26 - August 4, 2018. 

We have tickets purchased for these dates, just waiting for traveler names + deposits! 

  • Potential Projects/ Plans for 2018: 
    • Playground + Community Space Construction
    • Community Garden Project Continuation
    • Weaving House Outfitting
    • Basic Skills + Business Workshops
    • Creative Workspace Building Project
    • Sponsoring a day + volunteering at Mission to El Salvador 
    • Activity day with 17+ children born to prostitutes who are now living in foster care
    • Youth Correctional Facility Outreach
    • Hiking a Volcano

For more details and our take on community development projects, check this out! 

  • Things to consider: 

This trip can be physically demanding at times. We work hard, we wake up early, we hike a volcano, and we do it all in the 90+ degree heat! We can take turns with the shovels, water breaks, and our time on the volcano... if you are moderately in shape you should be just fine! 

During our trips we partner with churches, go through modern spiritual reading, pray at meals, attend church, etc. We have a Christian base and backing as an organization. With that said, if you do not consider yourself "a Christian, spiritual, religious, etc." that is perfectly fine! Come anyway! Our goal is to support a community, meet needs, and impact lives - you don't need to be a Christian to do any of those! 



Why are the meetings important?

Everyone loves a good meeting… we set aside time twice a month (March - July) so that we can get to know our fellow travelers, brainstorm projects, build a plan for success, and learn about the country and culture!


Why is there required reading?

Literally to be on the same page! ITN teams go through a few books together before the trip so that we can prepare our heads and hearts for the mission ahead! The books are easy reads but will challenge your thoughts, ideals, and spirituality.


How will I communicate with others in the country?

Translators will be available to help team members communicate, but we suggest learning some basic Spanish words and phrases to help mitigate language barrier frustrations!! We can point you towards some resources during team preparation!


What kind of food will the team eat?

The menu will be balanced between Salvadoran cuisine and American favorites.


Is it safe to travel?

There are always risks when traveling abroad. We recognize that we are not in control of every scenario, but we do take every precaution we feel necessary while in country.  Our staff has a combined 12+ trips under their belts! We also make sure to have trusted locals with us during travel.

El Salvador is currently on the U.S. Dept. of State travel warning list.


What do I pack?

An in-depth packing list will be covered during team preparation!


Does the team do fundraisers?

As an organization we do not coordinate team fund raising activities for traveler’s budgets. However, if a team member (or members) would like to get creative to raise funds, we encourage it!


Where will the team stay while in the country?

The team stays at a mission house equivalent something a middle class family would live in! Each traveler will have a bed, access to a kitchen, laundry and bathroom facilities.


Can I fly out of another airport? 

Yes! But arrival and departure will need to be coordinated with our team schedule, you must purchase your own plane ticket and your remaining balance will fall under one of two scenarios;

  1. Your city of departure offers airfare that is less expensive than our team group rate: The total budget remains $2,100.00, all extra funds will go into the project budget.
  2. Your city of departure offers airfare that is more expensive than our team group rate: The total budget will be $2,100.00 plus the difference in our team airfare and your chosen airfare. 

(note* one of the requirements for each traveler is to attend preparation meetings twice a month from March - July 2018, you will need to Skype or call in if you cannot be physically present to the meetings).